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JESUS AIRLINES is the boldest Brandpowder’s project to date. We sent a draft of what follows to the Vatican, without response (understandably) but the idea is waiting for an investor with vision and faith. The whole story started with a photograph taken by one of our employees (Bob Gukka) while taking off from a local airport (below, left): the picture shows a landing airplane whose cross-shaped shadow on the airport strip is surprisingly similar to the Christian symbol projected on the grass. The Brandpowder Team got quite excited about the finding. It was a Call, we thought, a revelation from Heaven! And we had to do something about it.


The original sketch on this page clearly shows the liaison among faith, flight and fondness (the 3F factor). Why not put all these items in a blender and create an airline company with a holy message?  Jesus Airlines was born, with a logo inspired by the monumental Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro. We opted for a flame red background, to provide the brand with a powerful message of love, peace and brotherhood among all nations.



Above: the corporate image has been studied in every detail. Jesus Airlines’ business cards have been turned into a promotional media, thanks to individual personal website where all employees can have their own fan page. Each card, on the other side, presents a holy picture to make passengers feel more protected.


Above: boarding passes are dipped into incense. Burning is not permitted aboard the airplane, of course, but once home, passengers can extend the Jesus Airlines’ experience enjoying the holy scent.


Above: The main terminal is eye-catching, and spirit lifting too. Jesus’ giant marble statue greets departing passengers and bless the ones on arrival.


Above: (click to enlarge) Jesus Airlines’ print ad introducing 7 Star Class, a service of unprecedented luxury in the history of commercial flight.


Above : (click to enlarge) Jesus Airlines loves customers to bits and it proves it: two flight attendants are provided to every single passenger on every flight. Below: (click to enlarge) The Frequent Flyer 7th Heaven promotional campaign.


Below (click to enlarge): No matter what you heard about immortality, Jesus’ first concern on Earth is your Safety. That’s why each plane is equipped with an individual parachute, gps-radio and a gourmet food package in case of accident.



Above and below: (click and read carefully) instructions for your personal safety include a Holy Bible for an inspiring read. This way you can save your soul, too.


Below: The airplane’s lower fuselages is painted with a white cross. The special fluorescent coating glows in the dark, so that the Word is clearly visible at night. While churches remain empty and silent on the ground, Jesus Airlines’ Message keeps traveling above our head, promoting faith in a spectacular way all over the world.




Young Woman Holding Large Model Airplane

Above: Olina Turtcom, appointed Head of Design for the Jesus Airlines’ project. “I never believed in God,” – she confessed – “but then I started to work with these guys and I was blessed. Now I’m a believer. Jesus can do wonder to all of us, and I have to thank Brandpowder for this wonderful life-changing experience.”


Above and below: Stairway to Heaven is the airline’s label for branded content. Jesus Airlines production extends to music, books, fashion and beverages. The Marketing of Faith is the next big thing, and there’s nothing better than cool products to convey a timeless message in a contemporary, soul-catching way.


Below: we would like to close this post with a sketch of Jesus Airlines’ proposed Lounge & Restaurant, signed by Serafin Maud, an architect who recently joined our Team. The airplane’s body includes Duty Free shop, Beauty Parlor, Liquor Shop and a small Chapel. The Restaurant, called Wings, makes it for a flighty, exciting lunch in midair.


Jesus is looking for partners. If you are a billionaire, and you believe in Him, please drop us a line. God bless you.



B Paper Surgery

Paper. What a fragile, soft, crumpled and easyburning word. If paper sounds almost outdated, as old as stone or bone, it’s because it has been displaced by the digital efficiency of glass. Our fingertips run on its surface, tapping on contents which magically pop up, slide, zoom and disappear. But none of the content on your tablet, smartphone or computer screen can aspire to the same level of interactivity of paper. Digital content is as fast as a fish you see darting under the translucent icy surface of a frozen lake. We call it “eskimo effect”. You see it but you can’t catch it, unless of course you cut a hole into the ice crust and try to stab it with your harpoon. The access to digital information happens on a sleek, shiny surface that’s also a barrier to deeper understanding. Paper, on the other hand, is  a deep, tridimensional, physical medium you can play with in endless forms.

The Brandpowder Team realized, this time under the supervision of Carlo Muttoni, a series of photocollage that, after photographed,  have been destroyed. This is a selection of pictures inspired by “Paper Surgery”, a theme we already developed before, as a reflection between the evanescence of plastic surgery and ethernal beauty as Nature’s way to endlessly recreate us beyond us.

B Born Again

B Drunkard

B Egoist

B Exhibitionist

B Flatterer

B Flirter

B Inscrutable


B Prayer

B Smuggler

B Spy

B Whisperer

B carpet ok




We are living in tough times and money is tight like a lemon’s butt.  The Brandpowder Team received a call for help from one of the most celebrated Australian fashion designer, Don Pezzano (who happens also to be an early supporter of Brandpowder and a friend of us). Don asked us to find a reasonable alternative to top models’ ludicrous wages. “They simply ask too much,”  he told us. “And what they do, at the end of the day? Nothing, really. They drink Evian and chain-smoke in the studio, posing in front of a camera with the usual ‘I am unreachable for you’ kind of attitude and, when the photographer is done, they pretend to keep every dress they tried on and, as if this weren’t enough, they make a doggy-bag out of all the food they can put their hands on. These are not models, for God’s sake, these are fucking locusts!”

We calmed Ron down and suggested him to adopt our new technology: Sklwedfr© by Brandpowder. It’s a lousy name – we admit – but at least it’s not on Google. Sklwedfr© is a smart analogic software that creates composite fashion pictures starting from a bio database of 5,000 virtual dolls we created for this purpose. There are endless possibilities and the result is striking: no more models, no more crazy fees, no more ravaged buffets in the studio. Just brilliant, sexy girls who can do everything for nothing.  We are now launching a beta-version of the software and, for the occasion, we are introducing a few samples of Sklwedfr© pictures. Many fashion designers can’t wait to buy our super no-bullshit innovative technology. Sklwedfr© is not going to decree the end of top models and their ridicolous cachets but, after all, even dinosaurs laughed a lot when they bumped into the first mammals.









120 million people suffer from depression all over the world. According to the National Institute of Public Health, 6.7% of U.S. population over 18 experience clinical depression in many forms. What’s worse is the fact depression is contagious and not only people but also animals living in close contact with depressed people, can develop the same symptoms. Unfortunately, while 50% of people receive medical treatment, drugs or social assistance, pets are left to sort out thing on their own. It’s a shame nobody, so far, ever thought to do something about it. After all, dogs are men’s best friends the way diamonds are for girls.  That’s when the Brandpowder Team decided to get in touch with Jeremy T. Lurcher, an ethologist and canine expert from UCLA, to see whether it was possible to help our pets to regain enthusiasm and motivation out of a dog’s life. It has not been an easy task, but in the end we came up with a very simple idea: why not treating dogs like humans? After all they share the same lifestyle of their owners. The next step was to find an exciting activity and, after discarding bungee jumping, scubadiving, group sex and cocaine, we all agreed skydiving was a good point were to start from.


Above: Stewpot, a veteran with 300 jumps, leaps from a plane at 9,000 ft. The static line opens the small parachute automatically and, after 5 seconds of free fall, the dog quietly glides to the ground. The outfit includes a small radio control and a GPS to monitor the dog’s location in case of distant landings.



Above: Pasternak, our beloved black Labrador, touches ground near the Brandpowder Airfield in Montana. Below: Juju, a 4 year old Golden Retriever from Ohio, smiles upon landing on the shore of Lake Isabella, in California.



Above: U.S. paratroopers asked Brandpowder’s advice for man+dog tandem jumps. Below: Skipper, one of the dogs at last year’s Summer Course, always showed a particular interest for the cockpit.



Above: Babou, a crazy beagle from France, dressed up to celebrate the first year of Dog Gliding’s activity. Below: Jeremy takes border collie Pippo for a ride on his old Land Rover. Jeremy has been unvaluable in helping us with the Dog Gliding’s project. Without his support we were not going to make it.



Above: John Shermann, one of our pilots at the Brandpowder Airfield, smiles for the camera. He’s a good guy but we are not sure about his pink scarf. Below: our two veterans, Stewpot and Pasternak, waiting for another ride.


No animals were armed throughout our activity. Skydiving is a pretty safe sport and we didn’t have a single accident in almost two years. Of course tennis table is a much safer bet, but as far as we know, dogs are not much interested in it.


Christmas apple

Above: One of the 10 brilliant ideas that will make you save a lot of money, this Christmas. Unemployed couples can get their son an Apple for 25 cents, instead of wasting hundreds of dollars in digital devices. And if the spoiled brat starts to complain, Dad and Mom can explain him the difference between Jobs and Jobless.

LET’S FACE IT: Money is always tight for all of us but there’s a special moment of the year that makes us feel particularly broke and desperate and furious against consumerism: the week before Christmas! We hate everything: the shopping frenzy inside a Mall packed with sweaty people wandering around like zombies in search of the perfectly useless gift. We hate the tacky plastic trees, the fake snow and the multiple Santas, each one claiming to be the original one. We hate jingle bells, rein deers, golden glossy gift wraps, champagne and panettone. We hate all this because every year it’s the same old story and, despite our money is less and less, we haven’t the guts not to buy at least a little present to our relatives, close friends, business partners and colleagues who add up, averagely, to 42 people.

The Brandpowder Team, this year, wants to break this tradition once and for all. Who said you need to spend your salary (if you still have one) on stupid presents? In order to survive these Holidays, not to mention the Maya Prophecy, we give you ten smart ideas to save time, wallet and stress.

Christmas bean

The ideal gift for acquaintances you didn’t see for a while but you want to get in touch with, again. If you love silly puns, this present comes for less than 2 cents.

Christmas bullet

Everybody has a depressed friend. And a bullet costs only 15 cents. Eliminating your friend will also get rid of the next Christmas’ present.

Christmas egg

One of most voted bang-for-the-buck ideas: an egg (22 cents) can be both an original ball for the Christmas tree and also a pre-present for next Easter.

christmas pencil

Another two-in-one gift to impress your friends. You don’t even need to spend money for this. We bet you are full of these little items at home.

Christmas screw

Don’t ask us why but to screw is something you can do even without a screwdriver. This simple present is always welcome among young friends who want to have a laugh. And it’s good omen, too. Price: only 2 cents.

Christmas snow

If you’d like to go for something personal, something that talks about the time you spent for actually making the gift instead of simply buying it, the snowball is a classic and the white stuff is easy to find, unless you live in Jamaica (in that case, a ball of grass will do).

Christmas sock

How many times did you end up with one sock without finding the other one, at home? Well, it’s time to give your smelly-lonely friend a purpose. This little present pulls the leg (and the foot) to all useless gifts. As such, it helps people to reflect on the subject.

Christmas tie clip

Show your creative zest! You can impress your colleagues (or your boss, if you dare) spending less than one cent. To give it extra value, may we suggest to place the clip inside a matchbox? (keep the matches for yourself, though).

Christmas toast

Last but not least, a great classic: two slices of bread, accompanied by this simple line, can be greatly appreciated by anyone. And if you feel really generous, you can add a strip of bacon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Brandpowder Team