Let’s say you fall madly in love with a woman and you want to show her how much you love her. Let’s say this woman is the kind of person who is not impressed at all by your feelings, unless of course you are going to come up with a tangible proof of your love, putting the money where your mouth is. Let’s say you don’t have enough resources for a serious engagement ring and you feel desperate. OKAY! Now you don’t have to worry anymore. Brandpowder came up with the “LITTOC ® RING” (the acronym stands for Love In The Time Of Crisis”). It’s a tiny little diamond mounted below a lens, welded to the ring through a white gold bracket, that magnifies the gem with a spark of light that will make it seem the Star of Africa. Contact Brandpowder to get more info.  The LITTOC ® RING can be yours for less than one thousand dollars. Your love will look not only big, but incredibly smart.


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