Beauty, being connected to contemplation, is undervalued today. It is consumed but not enjoyed, least of all, grasped in its real essence. We can’t afford to stop and contemplate things. Doing so, we would begin a dangerous process, a reflection about ourselves, what we do and why we do it. So we keep running, leaving the most important things unanswered. We live fast, we love fast, we eat and we fast, fast. We die slowly, unfortunately, and for that we have to thank medicine. That’s the only moment we take time to ponder and wonder about the fistful of days we were granted, and that are now fading like exhausted stars, leaving a fine dust on the linen of our death bed.

I have been working on these four portraits, recently, trying to represent beauty as a concept more than anything else; it’s an overlap of isolines and numbers where the skin, in the micro-geology of the human body, resembles a landscape exposed to the patient devastation of time. It’s an invitation to stop for a moment, while taking time to enjoy beauty and few other things.


One response to “BEAUTY FORECAST

  1. Very intriguing concept.

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